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I stink. Not that I’m bragging about it. It’s just the way it is.

I sit here in swimming trunks. Outside, warm weather and obnoxious humidity continue, a combination that gets me perspiring in ways both impressive and gross. Impressive because it’s my little bod that is somehow producing these amazing quantities of water (hence the swimsuit). Gross because the simplest physical effort leaves me sweat-sticky and scarily odorific. (The aforementioned stink.)

I am not complaining loudly about this. All I have to do is glance out the window at the green Vermont countryside to see how good I’ve got it. But I’m getting tired of the constant needing a shower (a need that starts up about 60 seconds after toweling off from the last shower). And, of course, the aromatic thing.

I’m still adorable, mind you. That compensates a little. But the malodorous bit is getting old.

The sadists in the local weather biz assure us that conditions are in the process of changing to something a touch more user-friendly. We’ll see.


Last night, on the way to bed — earlier than normal, my bod calling for down time, me obeying despite the hour — a half-moon hovered in the western sky, a few stars could be seen scattered randomly about. Quiet, comforting. I had a fan going near the bed, an attempt to counteract the room’s still, warm, heavy air. When I woke around midnight, a light show was underway outside, flashes of light visible through the window. I killed the fan, peals of thunder replaced its white noise. Major storms had moved in, the moon and stars were long gone. Window curtains billowed inward from increasingly intense wind, minutes later the roar of torrential rain joined the ongoing rumbles of thunder. I got up, closed windows, returned to bed. Turned the fan back on, managed to drift off.

At some point, the storm moved on, the outside world calmed down. When my eyes opened around 5 a.m., another storm had arrived, lightning pulsing erratically away outside, thunder rolling around the sky, rain starting up.

Two hefty storms. In one brief night. You’d think all that would cool things down some, give us a break.

Not this time. Summer appears to be throwing a global-warming style party. At least for today. The upside — northern Vermont remains achingly beautiful.

We’re into August. I’m not sure how that happened, but there it is — the days slip unstoppably forward into time.

EspaƱa, te echo de menos.

4 Responses to “grumble, grumble”

  1. Mouse

    Here’s what I did to break the current ‘canicule’ over in England

    I went to my local store and bought 24 orange flavoured ice lollies, three tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, a box of Cadbury Flake ice creams and a huge bottle of suncream

    Then I went home and waited for the wind and rain to arrive

    Which it did, the very next day

    So, today I will drive to the store for vegetables with which to make soup and oats for porridge

    Because I’ve had enough cold now
    Thank you

  2. rws

    So you’ve hit upon an effective variation of the old ploy of washing/waxing the car to make it rain.

    As for the porridge thing, the weather here finally shifted — this morning dawned, gray, cool, rainy. Leading me to make oatmeal for breakfast: my gray weather version of breakfast comfort food.

  3. Mouse

    I like a man who appreciates porridge… you know where you are with a bowl of porridge. Tell me, do you eat yours with salt as the Scots, or with sugar?
    Me, I add organic double cream and brown Fair Trade sugar…
    I need all the comfort food I can get right now!

  4. rws

    Salt? Goddamn, what a concept. Not for me. Sugar? Not exactly — a little honey or maple syrup. Along with some peanuts, some slivered almonds, some blueberries or slices of banana.

    It’s a good thing, comfort food.

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