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The day from there: the long drive back north, crossing from New Hampshire into Vermont, greenery becoming progressively skimpier as the road stretched north. Fat fair weather clouds, blue sky, sunlight flooding down. And back to the local world, to what passes for normal life, this part of the globe sliding slowly toward the warm season. Something I appreciated: finding myself experiencing mental re-runs of moments from the last half inning of the previous day’s ball game instead of my automotive slip-up.

Next day, all that lovely weather had evaporated, replaced by gray skies, cold temperatures, rain. Everything comes and goes, it’s all transitory. Days of ugly weather, nearly a week’s worth, until sunlight returned, fair weather, warmer conditions.

And through it all: songbirds making music, hordes of goldfinches, purple finches and rose-breasted grosbeaks at the feeder outside the dining room window. Dandelions popping up, creating washes of yellow along expanses of lawn still shifting from winter green to the deeper warm season shade. The days slipping past, hours of daylight growing slowly longer, morning light creeping around window shades earlier and earlier.

Buying bags of topsoil, bags of cedar mulch. Picking up packs of flowers, tomato plants. Digging holes in the soil along the sunny side of the house, dumping shovelfuls of compost into them, followed by young plants — a supreme act of faith in this part of the world, at least prior to the last weekend in May when spring finally seems to take hold. (Two nights early last week, nighttime temperatures dipped down into the 20’s, frost scattered liberally around the mornings after.)

And now: Memorial Day weekend, me mostly staying put, enjoying the quiet. Eating, reading, doing work inside and outside the house when the impulse hits.

Sign seen at a booth in the farmers market in Montpelier on Saturday:

License plate seen in Montpelier a day or two earlier: BRRMONT


Sunday morning, late May, northern Vermont:

EspaƱa, te echo de menos.

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  1. mad

    Ha! Funny license plate. And I agree with the cookie philosophy.

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