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A week of increasingly beautiful September weather — cold nights changing to progressively warmer days, awash in sunlight — has given way to gray, the days cool and rainy. Not much fun, and bringing work outside to a halt (while also bringing down leaves). Which gives me the opportunity to work inside, a good thing. Except that I have real trouble drumming up enthusiasm and joy for the indoors work. I’m growing real tired of it all, especially when I look around, note how much stuff I’ve gotten rid of and yet how much stuff remains. Images of hamsters running in little wire wheels come to mind. Or gerbils. Rodents. You know.

I am in serious need of a platoon of willing slaves.

Montpelier is having household toxic waste drop-off thingy this morning. That’s good. Will give me the chance to dump lots of ancient paint cans left by the house’s previous owners (the paint inside long dry), along with a box of other more obviously toxic stuff. Am far enough along with the process here that I’m finally beginning to think in future terms. Will meet with someone this morning to discuss the idea of giving them custody of a bunch of my stuff — tools, cd’s, living room furniture, like that — when the house sells and I’m finally out of here. Custody — could be temporary, could be permanent. Don’t know which. Time will tell. We’ll see if this friend goes for the idea.

Meanwhile, I saw a headline a few days back on one of my ISP’s news summaries posing the question ‘Is climate change making New England autumns less colorful?’ The kind of space-filling item put together by ‘news’ people with far too much time on their hands. Don’t know about anywhere else, but around here the colors are lovely and have really been coming on during the last few days, after a long, slow build. To anyone pondering the question of whether a trip north might be a bust — please stop pondering. Autumn is here and it’s looking beautiful.

España, te echo de menos

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