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Late October, Vermont:

EspaƱa, te echo de menos

4 Responses to “late october”

  1. Wil

    A wonderful photo, rws.

    We, too, have lost all of the deciduous leaves and the Juniper needles have turned their sickly, pale yellow, so their drop en masse cannot be far away now. Snow flurries are in the forecast for tomorrow. It is time for this grasshopper to make provision for a return to a warmer clime. I have sworn off ever shoveling snow again…

    And so it goes.

  2. bushra

    and so it goes and so it goes. hey, are you still in vermont? if so, have you bumped into Mr Lagerfeld yet?

  3. rws

    wil, i hear you.

    bushra, far as i know i haven’t come close enough to mr. l. to chuck a pine cone at him. he lives over on lake champlain, an hour or more west of here.

  4. rws

    er, that should have read ‘…to be able to chuck a pine cone….’

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