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Within the last few days, warm weather birds have begun passing through on their trip to more northern climes. Three mornings ago, a female cardinal poked around the ground below the window feeder. (The aroma left in the wake of a wandering skunk lingered in the cold morning air.) Two mornings ago, a crowd of robins foraged in the yard, moving between patches of snow, hunting in the growing expanses of open ground.

This morning, stepping out of the house between 6 and 6:30. Heard a songbird off in the trees across the road singing its heart out. Four wild turkeys wandered slowly about in the yard, watching me cautiously. Two cars passed (drivers waving good morning), lights on, heading downhill to join the traffic moving toward Montpelier.

Overcast beginning to break up, pre-sunrise light growing in strength. Mist swirling slowly in the valley.

In Montpelier, overnight rain left roads damp, eliminating the dust of recent days (dirt from winter months everywhere, drying out from daytime sunlight, passing cars creating dustclouds that seemed to be everywhere).

During the drive in, someone on the radio complained about daylight savings time, about daylight starting an hour later than it “should.” Me, I am grateful beyond words for the evenings of light the time change created.

Have begun refocusing on going through stuff in the house, trying to get serious about cutting into what I have. Trips to Goodwill, handing off bags of stuff to friends. I can feel myself resisting it all, so do what I can, trusting I’ll have the time to finish what must be done before June 1. Have no concrete idea yet what comes after that. Will get to it.

And that describes my life at this moment: moving through the days as they unfurl. One at a time.

EspaƱa, te echo de menos

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