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There have been recent days here of unbelievably beautiful weather, spectacular enough to send me right off into an altered state. Tuesday, for example, may have the single loveliest April day I’ve ever experienced in Vermont. This morning was more modest — cooler (after a night of widespread frost), quiet, awash in sunlight, a soft breeze coming and going.

The woman who’s buying the house came over this morning, we sat and talked, mugs of espresso in hand, then once sufficiently caffeinated began going through the house, through the barn, around the yard, me providing all the information I could think of that might help when she’s the owner/resident. Trying my level best to do the opposite of what the previous owners did when I bought the place (no information, leaving some unhelpful, unpleasant surprises to be stumbled across along with a fair amount of trash).

After she’d gone, I drifted around outside taking care of things that needed attention, soaking up the sunshine, the quiet — slipping into that altered state. And I realized that when I reach that quiet, blissful place I’m feeling part of what I experience when I fall in love.

The warm season here: it’s potent.

I fell off the wagon during the last couple of days when it comes to sorting, packing, all that. Am attempting to refocus. ‘Cause the closing happens a month from tomorrow. (A month! From tomorrow!) Time to get my adorable hinder in gear.

Meanwhile: my laptop — my four-month-old laptop — gave up the ghost on Saturday from an apparent motherboard swoon. The local ‘puter shop supplied a loaner while my machine goes back to the factory for tender, loving care. The loaner: an old Gateway laptop, with a small hard drive, less than a gig ram, no sound card. Old, relatively primitive. And with all that, it takes care of the most basic internet hoo-ha pretty nimbly. Which has me thinking seriously about buying a current Gateway and selling my laptop once it’s back from intensive care. ‘Cause this is not the first difficulty the new laptop has had. And I’m all for simple and reliable.

It’s a teeny bit scary how central my ‘puter has become to what passes for my life.

The loss of that laptop means photos won’t happen on this page until the machine’s return. Should any readers of this journal who might have some pull with the gods/goddesses of webpages and photography feel the generous impulse to intercede on my behalf, that would be most excellent.

EspaƱa, te echo de menos

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