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Sitting in the kitchen on a beautiful August afternoon. Cut flowers in a vase on the stove, sunlight pouring in the windows, birds making music outside.


August, Vermont


The following arrived by email, from a friend down on Cape Cod:

“K. and I were leaving Longnook Beach late yesterday afternoon, after a fine time playing in low tide surf and sitting in our chairs. Longnook is [a] beautiful beach, with towering dunes/cliffs… and two steep paths up from the beach to the parking lot that meet at the top. When we reached the top, we saw a woman coming up the other path carrying a rooster. She didn’t respond to K.’s comment, and looked like she was fed up with people asking about having a rooster at the beach. (Why wouldn’t people ask? Why would someone take a rooster to the beach?) We saw her drive out of the parking lot with the rooster on her lap.

“K. said she and her husband once saw someone at Longnook with his dog and a sheep. The sheep was playing in the water. The man — apparently friendlier than the rooster lady — told them that his sheep enjoyed swimming, so he brought him to the beach.

“Go figure.”


EspaƱa, te echo de menos.

3 Responses to “summer”

  1. dannybuntu

    Wow, your living my dream.

  2. BethGray

    This is a fantastic site and it shows a lot of creativity. Keep up the good work and I will check on you later.
    Beth Gray
    Author of the Stacy McCray Series available on kindle and mobipocket

  3. rws

    thank you both — you're very kind. :)

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