far too much writing, far too many photos

frank zappa (an incomplete resume in the form of some sad-ass not-quite haikus):

mountains named billy,
lumpy gravy, dental floss,
penguins in bondage

valley girls, disco boys
chunga’s revenge, a muffin man,
burnt weenies, dog breath

dancin’ fools, sleep dirt,
peaches (en regalia, natch)
and some grand wazoos

nancy and mary,
industrial vacuum cleaners,
the clap, people screaming

men with women’s heads
makin’ jazz noise (from hell)
in orange county

weasals ripping flesh,
yellow sharks, uncles named meat,
dinah-moe humming

men from utopia,
tinsel town rebellions and
doctors named stupid

madge, harry, flower punks,
mother people, bow-tie daddies,
idiot bastard sons

playground psychotics,
soul polkas and barfing out
(waka! jawaka!)

hungry freaks, monster
magnets, brain police and
da duke (of prunes, yo!)

gettin’ a little
at memorial barbecues
for some dead jazz cats

little umbrellas,
poofters frothing, dudes named sam
(w/ showing scalp flat-tops)

mud sharks, thing fishies
girls with names like sharleena
and suzy creamcheese

white port, lemon juice
bongo fury, studio tans and
some black handkerchiefs

gettin’ lathered up
in two hundred motels with
a pimp named willy

one size fitting all,
dental floss (from montana)
and titties with beer

sofas (1 and 2),
modified dogs (named evelyn),
ruben (and the jets)

concentration moons,
the ugliest part of your body,
water turning black

twenty small cigars,
road ladies, bwana diks and
a certain garage

(inspired, for good or ill, by mad haiku)


Last week — outside the Institute of Contemporary Art, Montreal:

EspaƱa, te echo de menos

One Response to “don’t ask me why”

  1. mad

    People frequently use ill and MadHaiku in the same sentence. Heh. Zappa would be happy.

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