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Got back late yesterday afternoon from a fast — and I do mean fast — trip stateside. Some things came up that needed serious attention, hasty arrangements were made, I flew out of Madrid last Monday a.m. Had to book the return trip via Munich, which meant going through the German version of a security check on the way to the connecting flight back to Madrid. A slight, serious-expressioned, middle-aged blonde security worker saw my camera bag, instructed me to open it, turn it on, show her a photo. I did all that. Not sure what she thought she might encounter, but the image that came up for her was this:

I got the impression she may have expected something dramatic. Cute kitty pix, sadly, do not rate high on the drama scale. She stared, expression neutral, showing zero emotion. A moment passed, as if she needed a bit of time to process the contrast between potentially sensational find and sadly banal reality. She finally said, “Okay,” voice betraying the teeniest hint of what sounded like disappointment, then waved me on.

Kitty pix — bringing down security people everywhere.

EspaƱa, te amo.

3 Responses to “meow”

  1. scottsmith81

    haha! nice picture!

  2. Wil

    Well, maybe she mistook you for a famous pornographer…

  3. rws

    scott: thanks. :)

    wil: er… huh?

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