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Back in Madrid. Last night’s return flight from London featured one of the most unnerving takeoffs I’ve ever experienced — high winds shaking the plane back and forth, up and down — landing in Madrid two hours later through a layer of clouds. When I dragged my sorry butt out of bed this morning the sky remained cloudy. Around midday the overcast began to break up, by the time I went to out to lunch brilliant sunshine had taken over. Spring’s back. Though the temperature coasted up to around 70, nearly everyone continued wearing jackets and coats, as if they couldn’t trust or believe it just yet.

It’s a holiday here -– Father’s Day (el Día del Papa), but also something beyond that, I think, a day honoring one of the many saints who get fêted in these parts. Folks were out in the streets partying last night. I wondered about it, ignorant re: the holiday, but figured what the hell, there is sometimes no logic to the numbers of people out for nighttime revelry here.

It rained virtually all weekend in London. It’s good to be back in this city’s sunshine.

I found about the holiday when I went to the post office this morning, discovering it closed up and dark. Likewise the nearby Centro Comercial. Virtually everything remained closed today except for some restaurants doing big business because of the lack of places to go. The movie theaters opened later in the afternoon and I decided to check out the film that got Ben Kingsley his latest Oscar nomination, Sexy Beast. Whoooo-eee, that is one intense mother! Well worth seeing, but fasten your seatbelts — pretty much from the moment Ben Kingsley’s character is first mentioned, things get heavy and don’t let up.

Right. Enough of this. I’m just checking in. Will get back to the weekend up in Pamplona tomorrow.

Be well.

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