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So I spend far too much time walking backstreets, taking far too many pix of stuff that catches my eye, spending far too much time at home working on what comes from that, airing far too much of it out on a photographic website that currently serves as a workshop. And what all this means is that digital cameras have given me back what was at the center of my existence growing up — spending long, long hours Which gives me a feeling of having some focus in this clownshow that passes as my life. On certain days it gives me a reason to pry myself out of bed, pull on clothes, stumble out the door. Depending on how you feel about what gets produced as a result of all that, getting me out of bed and doing something theoretically constructive is a good thing.

Generations of graffiti on a news kiosk — Madrid, Spain

All that gradual shift of focus that’s happened during recent years, my life progressively orienting itself around my cameras to the point of near-obsession, has left me feeling less and less satisfied with how images look when posted here. ‘Cause for purposes of storage space, reducing the size of image files is a real good idea. The problem: images produced by both my cameras lose quality when the files get reduced. Add that to the sad current state of this page since it was hastily forced to move from its previous home a couple of months back and a general state of flux in my little life which gets me feeling a little too overwhelmed a little too easily, to the point that I can only juggle so many things without starting to get a bit — warning: slight exaggeration alert — sliding into a state of near catatonia, leaving me with the desire to do nothing more than lose myslef in camera hooha (which, now that I think about it, has become a form of ongoing occupational therapy) — warning: run-on sentence alert! — and with the photo thing occupying an ever-more prominent place for me, I felt the need to create somewhere to show pix with no quality loss, a clean page, simple, devoted to nothing more than photos.

The result: this bugger here. Simple, updated daily. Leaves me feeling better about having somewhere to inflict what I love on whatever unfortunate souls happen through.

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EspaƱa, te amo.

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