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The summer-like weather continues here in Madrid. Spectacular. I’m picking up color just walking around doing errands.

Among those errands is trying to track down a pair of shoes for Sam, a Belgian friend currently living in London who’s going to be here next weekend. We’ll be driving down to Granada with three other people for two days. In advance of that, the following e-mail arrived:

“Can you do me a big favour?
I want to do a girl a favour who I really fancy.
But I’m not sure whether it will work without your help.
Basically (don’t be disappointed), I promised her to bring some Camper shoes in Spain next weekend as they are 50% cheaper.
I’m a bit worried about holidays and shops being shut so I was wondering whether you would be able to wander in a shop and buy them.
Would that be a problem?
Let me know. DON’T worry if you can’t do it.”

After giving me particulars re: model number and size, he wrote:

“You may find a bit embarrassing to buy woman shoes. The key thing is not to try them on yourself!”

Bwaaaahahaha! What a guy.

Camper shoes are very in here right now, and can only be bought, as far as I know, in Camper shops. A short time ago I joined the late afternoon crowds filling the pedestrian ways between Sol and Gran Vía, stopping into two different Camper tiendas, both near Callao, a major crossroads and shopping area off Gran Vía. I was easily the oldest person in both shops and judging by looks received from two or three of my co-shoppers, I was considered an alien life form, possibly a dangerous one. It could just have been my pointy boots, but somehow I think it was the whole package. Or it could have been sour grapes at being confronted with the reality of a butt far cuter than theirs.

Both shops had the shoes Sam’s looking for, but not in the specified colors. I’ve sent him a note and await instructions.

Truthfully, it’s not as if spending time walking around the city center is a hardship. Madrid is beautiful, and this is one of the times of the year when it’s at its finest, despite the sudden Easter vacation appearance of hordes of young American and German tourists. They will come and go, and Madrid will remain, packed with personality and grace.

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