far too much writing, far too many photos

Man, talk about negligence — me, away over a week, ensconced in a house up on a hill in northeast Vermont, adjusting to the jolting reality of being six time zones west of Spain. And it’s been an adjustment. Madrid: full-out springtime — warm temperatures, sunshine, flowers, trees green, birds singing, streets full of people in warm-weather duds, out enjoying the new season. Vermont: no leaves (except the brown, dead ones beneath the patchy snow). No flowers. Sunshine now and then, flurries. Birds singing hopefully (those that aren’t frozen to the ground). But beautiful, truly beautiful, in a late winter way.

I’m adjusting, will probably continue adjusting all the way through black fly season and into the month of June when the warm season finally arrives, surprising everyone with its short-lived splendor.

Anyway. More tomorrow. Really.

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