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Which left me — on the last morning of this recap, Wednesday a.m. — where I want to be, here in Madrid. Though there is one aspect of those overnight flights that always seems supremely weird to me: the loss of a night that by rights we should move through, the way we move through every other night. Resting, dreaming, feeling the smooth passage of time with no alterations.

You file into a bigass metal tube parked somewhere on the west side of the Atlantic (and by ‘you’ I mean me), you strap yourself in. You spend several hours in a completely artificial environment — lights turned off for a couple of hours at some point to simulate night/sleepy time. The big metal tube finally touches down, eventually rolls to a stop, you stumble blearily off. And it’s morning. A morning already in place, already moving ahead through time, streaming blithely ahead without having blossomed gradually from a preceding nighttime.

Always leaves me feeling weird, that night that simply winks out of existence. And yeah, I know there’s an accelerated night happening outside that big flying metal tube — doesn’t matter. The canned artificial light/dark thing that happens during the flight completely completely wipes it out for me.

Of course, lack of sleep doesn’t help anything. Which is why — after arriving back to my current squat, unpacking, showering, throwing clothes into the washer, getting a shot of restorative caffeine — I spent a lot of the day napping. Then enjoyed a long, sweet night of shut-eye. Lovely.

My sleep patterns have been all over the map since then, like my bod has not really been able to establish itself in this timezone. In fact, today is the very first day since before hopping a flight back to Massachusetts/Vermont that this bod of mine has been feeling clear, grounded, happy. Which I am appreciating the bejeezus out of.

Clear, grounded, happy. (Pause for contented sigh.)


November morning, Madrid:

España, te amo

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