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Walking along the six-lane avenue that extends itself past this building, dusk falling, dry leaves flying before cold autumn breezes. Returning home from the first trip to a movie theater in two or three months. The film seen: ‘The Social Network’ — real damn good and strangely depressing. Didn’t expect that second bit, I have to confess. Kinda took me by surprise. And I’m now sitting in front of the ‘puter to blow away feelings of sadness with fingers clicking away on keyboard, with words, thoughts, the feel of my body breathing as I write.

That movie is a prime example of how a good story told well can be fascinating, compelling, engrossing, and also not a very good time, in the way that watching a car crash in slow motion is not really my idea of a hugely entertaining fun.

The film: so sharply focused. So well written, directed and edited. So well acted. And, well, depressing. In part, I think, ’cause it’s done so vividly. And in part ’cause I think it got my teeny brain reflecting on some of the relationships-as-emotional-car-wrecks that have happened in what passes for my life.

Since returning from that last rapid swing through Massachusetts/Vermont (see this journal’s last 3-4 entries), I’ve been reflecting on the fact that I don’t really have a huge number of people in my life at this time. People — lots of them — have come and gone, and at this point the reduced number that remain are spread thinly out all over the map. Spread a bit thin, but loved, valued. And not seen anywhere near enough, so when I do get to spend a bit of time with one or more of them it’s not a small thing. The fact that a few actually share their homes with me when I pass through their parts of the world, provide a place to sleep, relax, be part of their lives for a bit — it means a lot.

Far more people have appeared and disappeared than have stayed. Far, far more. Those who remain are valued.

Er… that’s the kind of neighborhood my thoughts have been roaming around in since emerging from the theater into cool, windy air and deepening evening darkness. A sober, meditative neighborhood, one it’s okay to spend time in every now and then.

The real-life neighborhood, on the other hand, has been looking and feeling increasingly autumn-like this last week. Trees actually showing color, the angle of the sun bending lower and lower, leaves collecting in corners, along curbs, swirling or racing along streets/sidewalks with gusts of wind. Today dawned cold, sky mostly gray, and remained that way. Looking like Madrid’s version of winter might not be too far off.

It all passes by so quickly.

Anyway. Later.

EspaƱa, te amo

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    Nice, keep walking..!

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