far too much writing, far too many photos

I’ve been bad. I’ve been so bad. Since returning to the States at the start of April, entries here have been erratic. At times during this last week I tried nagging myself into planting butt in chair and writing *something*. No dice. I finally wised up, cut myself slack, figured I’d sit down and produce when the time was right, when the impulse arose.

I returned from Madrid a week ago, it’s turned out to be a challenging transition. More challenging than I expected, for numerous reasons. One of the more obvious: the contrast between Madrid’s spectacular springtime and late, late winter’s refusal to move aside here. From abundant sunlight and warm temperatures to occasional sunlight and cold. Last Wednesday or Thursday it snowed here, though it didn’t hang around. Two nights ago, we had a hard freeze. Man, enough’s enough. And apparently Mom Nature finally agreed because the weather yesterday and today has been much kinder — spectacular enough yesterday that I was able to pull the lawn mower out of the garage, do the first cut of the season.

So things are greening up. Birds are everywhere, seemingly happy to be alive.

It’s a step in the right direction.

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