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Three gems:

First, this shop: Casa Postal. Tucked away on a sidestreet in the barrio of Chueca and low-profile, unless you happen to notice the profusion of stuff in the cramped front window and stop to check it out. During my years in Chueca, I lived two blocks from there yet never ventured inside. In part, I think, because the door is kept locked, the doorbell has to be located and poked. Inside: it’s a small space, though high-ceilinged, and packed with beautiful, high quality vintage stuff: postcards, photos, toys, posters, advertisements and pop culture flotsam of all kinds. A touch I especially loved: they have a seriously extensive postcard collection neatly stored away in numerous filing cabinets whose front panels are done up with vintage images. Like here:

and here:

Second: “I Remember” by Deadmau5 and Kaskade (vocal by Hayley Gibby). Not sure why, but about three weeks ago this cut from 2008 took hold of me and would not let go — still has not let go — me playing it over and over, far beyond the point any sane human type person should indulge. It can be purchased via iTunes, in a package of various edits — that would be a waste for me. All I want is the extended version.

Third: El Museo Sorolla/The Sorolla Museum. Completely dedicated to the work of Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, the museum is actually the house in which he and his family lived, hidden away behind a wall, squeezed between multi-storey buildings. Thanks to the wall that shields the museum from the busy street, it’s possible to sit in the garden that extends across the front and side of the house and lose track of time and urban intensity. This is not a place most who pass through Madrid in tourist mode get to see, in part because it’s located away from the city center’s tourism zones. But its worth any effort it may take to get there. (The entry fee is a paltry 3 euros and there are abundant neighborhood bars/cafeterías in the surrounding streets that serve quality ‘menu del día’ lunches. An excellent way to pass a morning or early afternoon.)

España, te amo

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