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The walls in my current squat are not exactly soundproof. Which means that when my neighbors, the Godzillas, are home, I find myself experiencing the unpleasant sensation of having roommates I didn’t sign up for. And when they go out, the blessed silence is such a relief.

Not that they’re terrible people. The few times I’ve met Mrs. Godzilla in the hallway, we’ve always exchanged friendly hellos. (In contrast to an elderly woman who lives across the building’s inner courtyard from me — I saw her once when we were both hanging laundry, I gave her a nice smile, said hello. The face she gave me in return could have soured a quart of fresh milk.) They’re loud though. I’ve never actually met Mr. Godzilla, though he announces himself every morning with an extended fusillade of window-rattling nose-blowings. She, on the other hand, stomps around their flat, with the ground-shaking power of a monstrous B-film lizard on amphetamines (hence my nickname for her), leveling downtown Tokyo at unnervingly accelerated speed.

All of which is to say that there’s a huge difference between the times they’re home and the times they’re out. At home: big noise, mostly in the form of stomping from one end of the flat to the other. Not at home: heaven-sent peace and quiet.

They’re usually away during the weekends and during holidays. That meant, two Christmases ago, lots of tranquility. I expected the same this last holiday season, but they decided to stay here in the city. Which meant a whole lot of yuletide racket. (Christmas morning: arias played at high volume, far too early.) The weekend before last they finally resumed their usual routine, disappearing midday Friday, returning midday Monday. Then did it again this last weekend. Producing three delicious days of stomp-free quiet both times.

And speaking of Christmas, where the hell did it go? What happened to January? I look at the calendar, I see it’s February and I have no idea what happened to the last five or six weeks.

On the other hand, just ten short months until the next Christmas season. Woo-hoo!


Graffiti logo — Madrid, Spain:

EspaƱa, te amo

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