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This morning I saw a tweet from NPR’s Scott Simon in which he mentioned actor Brian Bedford’s performance as Oscar Wilde’s creation Lady Bracknell. It immediately brought me back to memories of a run of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ that I was fortunate enough to be in, in a now-defunct Boston theater. The role of Lady Bracknell was played by a terrific actor named Michael G. — tall, slender, with a weathered face that included bags under the eyes which could just about have qualified as luggage. The idea of casting a male in that iconic role never occurred to me until I saw Michael assume the part. His first entrance of each performance — in a big, beautiful, black Victorian bustledress w/ matching hat — had the feel of a battleship slowly making its way into view (with no need for ostentation, showiness or attitude, ’cause it clearly out-powered everything around it). His work in that role — played without camp — was titanic, pure wonderful theatre magic.

Michael shuffled off this mortal clownshow a while back, and these memories of him have had me smiling all morning. So many wonderful individuals pass through our lives, and it’s good for the heart and soul to appreciate them — it counteracts the tendency to forget just how blessed we truly are..

(To Michael G., wherever you may be: you were one of a kind — heartfelt thanks for all the fun. Sharing a stage with you was pure joy.)

On to the day.


R squared — Madrid:

EspaƱa, te amo

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