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Stepping out on my small balcón after midnight, lots of windows across the way still glowing with the light of lives being led.

Air moist, smelling of coming rain. Cold, though without the wintry edge that’s had a grip on the weather here for the last few days. Sky dark, clouds scattered across its southern half, stealthily sliding in ahead of the rainy front.

I stood for a couple of minutes breathing in the damp and cold, listening to the faint sound of cars passing on the avenue that runs past the other side of this building. Finally went back inside, closed the doors, drew sheer white drapes. Noticed the edges of the closed drapes oscillating gently from cold air that found its way in between less-than-airtight closed doors. Stood and watched for a moment, quiet settling over the flat, then turned out the lights, went to bed.

One more day gone — once present now vanished, like countless others.


Garage entryway — Madrid:

España, te amo

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