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I have been so bad — so very, very bad — at least as far as pasting updates to this sad excuse for a webpage goes. But that is, in part, ’cause I’ve been so very, very good in what passes for my real life. Which means busy, productive, out in the world, working. By which I mean snapping lots of pix of things most people wouldn’t normally be interesting in staring at.

Last weekend at this time, I was stumbling around Istanbul, a city as filled with life and interesting peepz as I’ve ever seen. Overfilled with peepz, actually, in certain areas, and I say that as someone who can be driven to foaming distraction by crowds so big and intense that simply walking at your own tempo becomes essentially impossible. Tons and tons of tourists, along with tons and tons of local folks. Toss ‘em all together, we’re talking about tons and tons and tons and tons of people. Seriously.

And not only that, like Naples, Istanbul is built on hills. And when I say hills, I mean San Francisco style inclines. The kind that go so well with broken down streets and sidewalks. Not that all the streets and sidewalks were a mess. But enough were to ensure that you would not only have to work off your lunch via massive expenditures of effort just walking ahead, but you’d fuck up your knees and ankles doing so. Kind of a built-in ‘pay a steep price for all pleasure’ mechanism. (Steep price — get it? Har!) The big upside: the city (both of them, actually) is so relentlessly interesting that suffering incurred getting from point A to point B didn’t really matter.

My interest is not really in the touristy stuff. I tend to head away from the main drags, down sidestreets. It doesn’t always pay off with big finds, but sometimes it leads to pure gold. Like the zone of sidestreets just off a main drag that consisted of nothing but shoe shops, the sidewalks and must of the narrow streets taken up with displays of footwear, lain out on stacks of cardboard boxes. All kinds of shoes, in seemingly endless variety – one display/shop specializing in children’s shoes, another in sneakers/faux running shoes, another in your standard super-ugly get-‘em-‘cause-they’re-cheap rubbish, another in boots, and on and on. The workers and shop personnel all male – not a woman to be seen, most middle-aged, working away at emptying out cardboard boxes, setting up further displays, tossing empty boxes into huge mounds that someone else flattened. Now and then a car or van made its slow way through the scene, causing serious logistical headaches for everyone.

Fascinating, though I didn’t linger — I had no intention of buying anything. I was there to wander, take pix, stop now and then for good food/delicious liquids, with no desire to accumulate more stuff that I’d have to carry around, cram into luggage, haul back here.. Which is actually pretty much my general mode of being these days — not interested in accumulating stuff, which means I generally disappoint retail folks trying to make a sale. Ah, well.

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España, te amo

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