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Yow! Spain and Senegal are now out of the World Cup. This means that Germany faces S. Korea this coming Tuesday — which should be a very interesting game. Brazil will face Turkey in the other game, whenever that is.

I could be wrong, but it’s starting to look to me like Brazil may have a lock on this Cup.

But then what do I know? Virtually every prediction I’ve heard so far re: this Cup has been wrong.

And how, I ask myself, did this journal become a World Cup forum? Don’t know, he answered himself, shaking his head.

It has been pouring here since the wee hours. Last night off beyond the mountains to the north, lightning slowly walked its way from the northwest to the northeast. Methodical, and since there are essentially no lights out here, strikingly clear and vivid. No thunder — just jagged shafts of light illuminating the darkness, strobelike. Yesterday’s humidity was so high that the air appeared misty, a kind of weather I haven’t experienced since before I headed off to Madrid nearly two years ago — a kind of weather that will make the covers of paperback books curl up. A kind of weather I didn’t mind leaving behind.

Today the mountains are cloaked in mist (the real item), the higher ones visible as vague, distant shapes, if at all. Between the drumming of rain on the roof and the sound of water pouring through the downspouts at the corners of the house, the afternoon has a soothing, meditative feel. Which suits me just fine.

Madrid, I notice, has been experiencing temperatures in the mid to upper 90s (un ‘calor de muerte’ como mi amigo Jaime ha escrito), with more of the same forecast for the days ahead. Hmmm. This may be the first time since I’ve been back here that I’ll settle for being here.

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