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Dear God, it’s humid. It’s professionally humid, so humid that practically the only difference between this and rain is that rain moves. Bleah.

Ten days ago I began a program to improve my eyesight. For the last two or three years, my eyesight — which had always been real damn good — got a little bit less sharp. I began having trouble reading small print, both near and far. Not a development that brought joy. I like being able to see well, and I especially like being able to see well on my own, without needing ocular-adjunct type stuff. I decided I was going to do something about that — I knew there were resources like the Bates Method out there through which people had dramatically lessened or eliminated vision problems, I decided to keep my eyes open (HAR!) and see what presented itself. And what presented itself was an ad for The See Clearly Method, which caught my attention enough that I checked out their website. The SCM came across essentially as an elaboration of the Bates Method, well enough organized and put together that my interest was further piqued.

Allaboutvision.com, a website that pushes glasses, contacts and laser surgery, rather predictably poo-poos the potential of the See Clearly Method. The material in the See Clearly Method’s website clearly and prudently states that results will vary from individual to individual, which allaboutvision.com uses as a cause for great finger-wagging and grave, cautionary tones of voice. The See Clearly Method also states that one needs to commit to doing the exercises on a daily basis, and cautions that one may not see noticeable results for a month after starting the work. Ten days after beginning, my vision is already improving. It’s working.

I’ll inflict more about this on you as I continue working with the exercises and see how it all goes.

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