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On the chance you were wondering –- the upside of mowing a Vermont lawn in the rain: no blackflies.


World Cup action: S. Korea is out, Germany is headed for the finals. Tom’w a.m., Brazil squares off against Turkey. Odds are pretty good Brazil will face Germany in the finals.

There have been some key instances of godawful officiating in this Cup, controversial calls that determined the winners/losers of certain games. Some thoughts re: that from my Irish friend, currently living in Stoke-On-Trent, England:

“I can easily understand many of the comments coming out of Spain right now — about incompetent or cheating officials at the World Cup. Having seen replays of the decision to disallow the goal Spain scored in extra time, it was definitely a legal goal, and should have been a winner for them. Mistakes do happen, but I can understand that with Korea being [one of the hosts], the accusations are flying around. Italy also felt the same way, and the U.S. had a good case against Germany, with the hand ball on the goal line.

“My view is that this is all part of sports, humans make split-second decisions, and sometimes get them wrong. Maybe they (the refs) are too inexperienced at this level, I can’t say, but I have learned to accept wrong decisions just as if it was one of our players missed a very easy chance to score — it happens, apparently for no reason, but c’est la vie. Having said all that, I would be very pissed if it happened to Ireland!!”

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