far too much writing, far too many photos

It’s a staggeringly beautiful day here — temperature only in the 60’s though feeling warmer, with a breeze strong enough to keep away flying bloodsuckers. A good day for being outside, which I’m going to be momentarily (taking advantage of rainless weather and get some lawn mowed). Clouds and sun play tag, casting huge shadows that move slowly across the hills and fields. Dramatic stuff, showing Vermont at its best.

I’m heading to Madrid this coming Sunday and am in the middle of trip prep., which explains why entries here have been a bit sporadic. The lease on the flat I’ve had there these last couple of years runs out in the coming weeks. I’ve decided to take advantage of that, spend a week or two winding up my life in that part of the world. Saying good-bye, a word that brings me no pleasure in this case.

Anyway, there’s pre-trip stuff to do and no one to do it for me. Which leaves me to do it. So I must. And I will.

Later. Be well.

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