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And once more I find myself back in the green mountains. I would have ventured online yesterday evening, except that four or so days and nights of too much activity and too little sleep left me in enough of a stupor that I could barely feed myself, much less deal with computer fun.

Northern Vermont, by the way, is looking spectacularly beautiful right now. As it should be, this being midsummer and all. Warm temperatures, cicadas droning in trees, lush greenery all around.

But enough of that. I still have to pull myself together.

In the meantime, should anyone find themselves experiencing the urge to buy a chaise lounge designed and built to resemble a massive pierced tongue, go to http://zitro-furniture.com/catalogue/tongue.html.


Since returning to U.S. soil (what a strange expression), I have found myself crashing in a way I have not often experienced in this little life o’ mine. The insufficient sleep I mentioned earlier? Really, genuinely insufficient. The combination of that and a transatlantic shift has had serious punch.

A strange thing happened while I was away — the crickets disappeared. Before Madrid: loads of crickets making loads of cricket noise. Post-Madrid — silence. As I theorized to a friend, perhaps they were grieving while I was gone and have been experiencing ’sympathetic crashing’ since my reappearance. Hope they wake up soon. The silence is eerie and not characteristic of high summer here.

Must drag myself to bed.

To close: a curiously mystical Homer Simpson quote posted elsewhere by a friend within the last day or two: “What is the mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.”


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