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A note sent to a friend in Ireland today:

“Dermot, forgive my lack of reply to your note of two days ago. I’ve been working on dealing with this event in my own way and have needed time.”

Below is a note I received late last night from an old friend who lives on 23rd Street in Manhattan. DO NOT READ IT if an eyewitness account will bring you down:

>Dearest ****:
>Tuesday as I walked to work at 8:45 AM I heard the sound
>of a jet plane. It was right above me, a huge passenger jet
>going down University Place. Can you imagine? A
>commercial jet so close above your head that the sound
>was all-encompassing. I thought at first it was a
>commercial pilot in trouble and saw my life pass before my
>eyes. I thought the pilot would crash into Dean and
>DeLuca, so I prayed and prepared to die. What else can
>one do? But I soon realized that the plane was not out of
>control as it raised itself in altitude. I can’t explain it except
>that I just knew at that moment what was going to happen.
>I started to sob uncontrollably, yelling Oh my God all those
>people. But nothing had actually happened yet and so I
>looked like a crazy person. But within seconds the insanity
>was not me, but what we saw straight ahead of us. I and
>others watched as it flew into the first World Trade Center
>The camaraderie in New York has been amazing. Blood
>donations, food, supplies, volunteers, etc. I almost fainted
>carrying a case of Gatorade to Chelsea Piers today. That’s
>the place which has become a triage center and makeshift
>This is a city in mourning. Send prayers.

So send prayers and keep asking others to send prayers — not only for N.Y., but for everyone involved, on whichever side. And pray for the Palestinians and Israelis, who have lived in a state of war for months and months now, and for people living with war, poverty, sickness and deprivation all over the world.

Lots of love –

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