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Today’s activity: a field trip. To east-central Vermont, to visit J. Drove down I-89, got off at exit 1, took local roads through Quechee (home of the Quechee Gorge and hordes of tourists), Windsor (original state capital), through the longest covered bridge I’ve ever seen to a beautiful national park based around the house and grounds of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. But I’m not going to inflict thoughts about art on you right now. I just want to mention some signs spotted during the drive.

First, a mile or so along a narrow, winding two-lane (the Quechee-Windsor Road) I passed a dirt driveway that appeared to lead to lots more dirt. To one side stood a crooked wooden sign with the following hand-scrawled legend: Grandpa’s Gravel Pit — Now Open.

Two or three miles past that, a dirt road intersected the Quechee-Windsor Road, disappearing quickly into overabundant greenery. According to the street sign on the corner of that intersection — keeping in mind this is in land-locked Vermont, with nary a lake, pond or puddle in sight — the name of the road: Ocean View Drive.

Later, in White River Junction, Vermont: the only visible legend painted in huge white block letters on the slanting roof of a store probably catering to tourists: 25000 GIFTS — WOOLEN WONDERLAND. The name of the store? Got me — could be 25000 GIFTS. Or WOOLEN WONDERLAND. There were no other visible legends anywhere on the building.

As they used to say in catechism class, it’s a mystery.

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