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Unsolicited Recommendations

Four blogs — all interesting, all long on wit, all written by women (some updated more than others), all worth taking a look at:


Mimi Smartypants

Que Sera Sera

Mighty Girl

Four CDs — all seriously kickass in very different ways:

Bob Dylan Live 1975

Calle 54 (soundtrack to the film)

Monsoon Wedding (soundtrack to the film)

Concert By The Sea — Errol Garner

Addendum: Re: Que Sera Sera (see the above blogs) — the ongoing exchange of comments re: The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers/Orlando Bloom warrants wading through. Sample: “I’ve been assured it was an epic film, but all I really paid attention to was the hot archer of the dark, intense eyes. I want to have his little immortal elfin children.”

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