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I’ve been sitting here watching a fútbol (soccer) show, a rundown on the Spanish league (La Liga) games of the past week. Fun. And then I remember that the women here talk about Spanish guys and their addiction to fútbol (”¡Es como una religión!” — “It’s like a religion!”) pretty much exactly the way women in the States talk about American guys and football.

I enjoy fútbol, and I enjoy watching a high level of play. The Spaniards are good at the sport, and the level of play in La Liga is pretty high. But then there’s The Champions League (La Liga de Campeones), an international European league — the top teams from several different European countries competing in a season that begins in September, climaxing with playoffs in May or June. An unbelievably high level of play, the kind of extremely accomplished, hard-fought soccer we in the States only get a chance to see when the Olympics roll around. Here you get to see that kind of thing eight, nine months out of the year.

And tonight another seasons of the Simpsons (Los Simpson) starts — probably the season that ran in the States last year. What the hell — I was living here then. The big news is that the Spanish actor who has up to now dubbed Homer’s voice is not doing it any more. (Gasp!!) Someone else has stepped into that voiceover-person’s unfunny, overemotive shoes. The person who does Marge’s voice is not bad, but whoever got hired to do Homey has, er, well, quite honestly, sucked.

Dan Castellaneta, please learn to do Homer in Spanish. Please. I’ll be your best friend.

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