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Lately – meaning the last couple of weeks – I’ve been experiencing the song-on-an-endless-loop phenomenon. To the max, at times. I’ll be out walking somewhere, I’ll be here sitting writing or in the kitchen making something to eat, suddenly I’ll become aware that part of a song is repeating itself over and over in my head. Could be a bit of a melody I heard a musician playing in the Metro. Could be something I was listening to at home earlier in the day. Could be something that found its way into my head all by itself, out of the blue — a tune I haven’t heard or thought of in months, years.

Generally, I don’t fret too much about this sort of thing. These song fragments tend to go away on their own. If one hangs around well beyond the time its welcome has worn away, I’ll switch on the radio or turn my attention to something else. We’re not talking about major disruption of life.


Early this morning, pre-daybreak:

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

My Teeny Brain: (The intro to “Journey To The Center of The Mind” by The Amboy Dukes begins quietly, followed by the first verse:) Leave your cares behind, come with us and find…

Me: …zzzzzzz… *snort*… huh?

My Teeny Brain: …the pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind….

Me: Wha’? Oh, no. Oooooh, no….

My Teeny Brain: (Getting louder:) Come along if you care, come along if you dare….

Me: …oh, god, please. Please, not that one….

My Teeny Brain: …take a ride to the land inside of your mind….

Me: Not the fucking Amboy Dukes

My Teeny Brain: Beyond the seas of thought, beyond the realm of what…

Me: … not stoner rock at… what time is it, anyway? (Squints at clock, moans.) Early, that’s what time it is. Way too *&$%#^*!!! early.

My Teeny Brain: (Paying me no mind:) …across the stream of hopes and dreams where things are really not….

Me: Must ignore. Must breathe. (Tries a moment of calm, relaxed breathing.)

My Teeny Brain: (Fading:) Come along if you care, come along if you dare…

Me: (The breathing has some effect.) That’s it. Breathe: in, out…. Relax those muscles….

My Teeny Brain: (Fading further:) …take a ride to the land inside of your mind….

Me: (Breathing more slowly, more deeply.) Better. That’s right, relax.

My Teeny Brain: (Fading even further:) But please realize you’ll probably be surprised, for it’s the land unknown to man where fantasy is fact….

Me: (Mumbling to self:) Much better. Muuuuch better. Mmm… sleeeeep….

My Teeny Brain: (Beginning to fade away:) So if you can, please understand, you might not come baaa-aaa-aaa-aaack!

Me: (Just beginning to fall back asleep:) Mmmm… zzzzzzz….


Me: (Wide awake:) Oh, bugger.

The song cleared out at some point, I fell back asleep for real. When I woke up, no further tunes inflicted themselves on me. Until this afternoon at the gym, when a popular Europop number playing on the sound system, “Soy Yo,” worked its way into my head and came home with me.

Not a bad number, really, as pop trifles go.

And what tunes have been whirling around in your head?

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