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Remember that spread of nearly-nekkid-male posters on the wall across the street (two entries ago)? Yesterday, some poster paster decided to restore wholesomeness to the neighborhood, covered them with other, less carnal, ads. On closer inspection, I found one lonely nearly-nekked poster had been left uncovered, but considering the visual bedlam of the surrounding posters, it might as well be invisible.

I was about to write that no one would have covered up posters featuring nekkid or near-nekkid women, but that’s not true. A few fairly suggestive ads in the heterosexual vein have appeared on that wall during the last few weeks — they don’t seem to last very long before someone slaps another poster over ‘em.

Could be it’s not a moral statement that’s happening here — could be the racy posters stand out so much that they attract the eye of the next round of poster pasters, becoming targets simply because of high visibility.

Could be. I may never know for sure.


“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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