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So. I stood gazing blankly at my Simpsons calendar earlier and realized at some point that this week’s birthdays feature powerhouse writers, all week long. To wit:
Sunday, 14 Oct. — E.E. Cummings
Monday, 15 Oct. — P.G. Wodehouse
Tuesday, 16 Oct. — Oscar Wilde
Wednesday, 17 Oct. — Arthur Miller
Thursday, 18 Oct. — Ntozake Shange; Chuck Berry (this one may be stretching it, but what the hell — the composer of Johnny B. Goode merits all the slack I can slide his way)
Friday, 19 Oct. — John Le CarrĂ©
Saturday, 20 Oct. — Art Buchwald

And one more: today is the birthday of Fannie Lou Hamer, a genuinely remarkable person.


And how, he asked himself, did it get to be the middle of October already? (Note to Universe: stop DOING that!)


Hot damn! This humble page was, for the first time, listed as a link on another weblog yesterday. And so I must return the favor:

If you’re looking for some fine distraction, you could do far, far, far worse (how’s that for a left-handed recommendation, Kristen?) than spend some time at fox vox. It features thoughtful, pithy entries by Kristen Fox, an interesting, sharp, very funny person, who is also, by the way, far less long-winded than me — a major selling point as far as I’m concerned. (D’OH — another left-handed recommendation! [insert sound of smack upside the head here]) Her site also features links and some seriously great out-of-context quotes, easily worth the price of admission.

Today is also Kristen’s birthday — leave nice comments when you visit her site.

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