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I’m in a foul mood. I’ve had a big-time, miserable more-than-a-cold since Sunday, the major orifices of my face spewing noxious substances around the clock. These past few days have been classically beautiful autumn fare: blue skies, cool nights, warm days, October sunlight — to me some of the most beautiful sunlight of the year — and I haven’t been able to go outside and enjoy it without feeling godawful. My chest’s been stubbornly clogged up, leading to coughing bouts with little result. With no one around to pamper or distract me. Three full days that have seriously sucked the big wazoo.

And yet. In the middle of it all, I find myself experiencing moments of sheer beauty. Fine moments of drifting off to almost-but-not-quite-sleep where I start having dreams even though I’m still a teeny bit aware of the world around me. A short time ago I was in this piso’s small kitchen — floor and walls done in nice white tiles, two windows that funnel in afternoon sunlight, bringing the room to beautiful, glowing life. I sat in one of the tall chairs at the door end of the room, it felt so nice to be there in that space at that radiant time on a late October day.

It’s the kind of day that, as the sun begins easing itself down in the sky and the angle of the light changes, you start seeing the insect life that fills the air — not biting insects, just teeny beings that share this world with us in a mostly-invisible way — suddenly visible as spots of light flying in and out of shafts of sunshine, appearing for all the world as if they’re in love with being alive.

I’m sitting here in my comfy flat in this beautiful city, with food to eat, money in the bank, good music to play on my small boombox, living a kind of adventure many of my peers don’t get to explore. And I’m thinking it’s good to be reminded how fortunate I am, how much pleasure existence brings me.

Life will go on. Tonight I’ll get to watch a game of high-quality fĂștbol between Real Madrid and Rome. Tomorrow I’ll get my bod out into the air and sunlight. It’s time to get things moving again.

There, that feels better.

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