far too much writing, far too many photos

The last couple of days: quiet, solitary. Decided on Friday to spend the weekend here, work around the house and yard, reading, eating, turning on the TV in my more lowbrow moments.

Some other moments:

– Standing out in the yard yesterday afternoon, looking up at blue sky, becoming aware of an intense humming sound, then noticing out of the corner of one eye the kind of movement that could be a deerfly buzzing around near my head. A quick glance revealed the source of the sound/movement to be a hummingbird, a few feet away, flying up into the air then back down toward the grass in a large, looping oval, repeating that two or three times before shooting up to the top of one of the row of pine trees that form the wind break off this end of the house. It perched there, at the tree’s topmost point, suddenly quiet and motionless, the treetop moving slightly in a breeze.

– Have spent almost no time on-line. Checked in briefly yesterday afternoon to find email from a young woman in L.A. who mentioned having read this journal’s entry of the 15th, saying she too was in the process of packing and moving (in the L.A. area). A moment of disorientation as I noted that this journal’s last entry was on the 14th. Meaning she referred to the June 15th entry, my last full day in Madrid before returning here for a few months. Thought about how distant Madrid feels right now — like another universe, another lifetime, an opposite end of the galaxy from where I’m currently eating and sleeping. A much noisier, busier end of the galaxy.

– Standing at the kitchen sink, eating fresh cherries out of a bag. First washing, then popping them into my mouth where my teeth cut into them, their flavor washing over my tongue. Addictive.

– Installing wind-retention chains on two storm doors early yesterday afternoon, standing halfway up a stepladder, drilling holes through the aluminum inner-surface of the doors, the Dandy Warhols blasting from the stereo in the living room.

I seem to be on something of a vacation from writing right now, my time filling up with work being done in my 3D existence. I have the feeling that may continue for a while.

Or maybe not. We’ll see.


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