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Heard on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me yesterday during the drive down to New Hampshire: Uday and Qusay Hussein were shot last week, but it’s believed that Little Joe got away.

Seen while waiting to turn onto a local two-lane from the I-89 exit ramp in Warner, N.H.: a Jeep moving by at a pretty good clip, top up. The front passenger seat was covered with loose fabric emblazoned with a nearly life-size image of the Tasmanian Devil, which (a) first appeared to be alive as the wind in the open Jeep made the fabric billow and move about, then (b) (as it quickly became clear it was only an image, not an actual, er, being) looked briefly like an inflatable Tasmanian Devil sex doll.

Sign seen in a gas station/grocery store in Grantham, N.H.:

Ignore the heat


From News Quirks, a weekly column (”odd, strange, curious and weird but true news items from every corner of the globe”) appearing in Seven Days, an alternative newspaper based in Burlington, VT:

Crossing the Line

After the Rev. Jimmy I. McCrary Jr. was convicted of prostitution, members of the Morning Star Baptist Church in South Richmond, Virginia, forgave his temptation and voted to keep him as their pastor. Then the police mug shot surfaced, showing McCrary wearing a woman’s wig and makeup. Realizing that he wasn’t the john but the hooker, the congregation voted to reverse its earlier decision and oust McCrary.

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