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Nearly done. There is nothing like boxing up the contents of a home to bring one into direct contact with the true extent of the accumulated dreck.

This last Monday, my friend Dermot arrived, a friend of his named Hubert in tow, both here to assist with the move. Like peas in a pod, those two. Earlier, I lowered my adorable butt into a chair in what’s left of my living room to take a load off for a few minutes and got the chance to listen to them blab back and forth. Whatever frequency they’re on, they’re on it together.

Tomorrow a.m., everything gets stuffed into a U-Haul truck and taken up to Vermont, where it will stay until I return. Whenever that turns out to be. Could be sooner, could be later — depends on what life tosses my way.

Monday night I grab a flight to Paris, Wednesday I land in Madrid. It’ll be interesting to be back.


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