far too much writing, far too many photos

If you’ve done any nosing around this page’s archives within the last couple of days, you may have noticed that most photos posted in archived entries are not publishing. Pbase, the outfit that hosts my photo account, is apparently experiencing deep, extensive difficulties. Something similar happened six or so weeks back, and Pbase management maintained silence throughout, providing no information, not responding to email inquiries, posting nothing on the website’s forums. Though they have so far done the same with the current crisis, there have been indirect indications that management is hard at work attempting to resolve the technical problems.

In the meantime, I grovel with apologies for the missing photos and expect that the situation will be rectified before too long.

UPDATE: The crisis at Pbase seems to have been mostly resolved, most photos have been restored. Some had to be re-uploaded/re-posted — unfortunately, a number of those are images from back in Vermont, which are stored back in Vermont. I return to that part of the world for the month of February, those pictures will be restored at that time. In the short term, suggestions for interim images to fill in those sad, vacant spots may be sent to me via the love letters/advice link that can be found beneath this page’s masthead photo.

Madrid, te quiero.

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