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What I wrote yesterday about the early morning phone call? This morning: 7 a.m. Same scenario — phone rings, turns out to be someone calling about the for-sale item.

It comes as no surprise that after I spend time going on about yesterday’s excessively early call, another materializes in short order. The good part: both mornings I was up early for other reasons. And it all has me cracking up at life’s goofy sense of humor. It’s not like it’s a real hardship, after all — a glance 1500 miles south supplies a quick shot of perspective. I’ve got a warm bed to pull myself out of, a dry house, a working phone, people wanting to give me money in exchange for something I’m not using. Blessings abound.

This morning’s caller took my request to try again at a later hour with more grace than yesterday’s. The day continued.

Morning fog is normal here during the warm season — it’s been particularly intense this week. Thick, gray, lasting well into mid-morning, then slowly giving way to spectacular September days. Drove into town through this morning’s pea soup for the annual car inspection, the manly gym thing, errands, etc. Little autumn color to be seen so far. That’ll change. Soon, I bet.

And now back home, with work to be done.

On to the day.


A few paragraphs about the power of one.

Madrid, te echo de menos.

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