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The difference a day makes:

Yesterday, dawn –

24 hours later, after a night of rain, northern Vermont shrouded with
mist and fog –

Madrid, te echo de menos.

4 Responses to “The difference a day makes”

  1. Oliviah

    I saw the name of your blog on Walter Jeffries blog and laughed out loud…what a great name. I had to look at this blog! Then this cracked me up: “runswithscissors would like to thank everyone who’s ever lived for everything they’ve ever done.” LOL! Great pictures on here too. Glad I visited.

  2. rws

    You are the first person to mention the ‘thank everyone’ line in this page’s 4-1/2 years of existence. Don’t know what exactly that means, but I’m glad you stopped by.

  3. naridu

    From where I am at the moment those grey clouds look positively refreshing.

  4. rws

    If I were in your part of the world, I’d probably feel the same.

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